Quantum Art Releases Free CM Solution

Oct 17, 2006

Quantum Art, a developer of web content management software, has announced QP7.Express, a free single-user version of its content application server. Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, QP7.Express delivers the same content inventory management and content delivery capabilities that are offered in Quantum Art's commercial products, and is packaged as a personal content management solution.

QP7.Express operates on the same principles as other Quantum Art products, separating the content delivery and publishing process from the underlying data. As a personal content management solution, QP7.Express lets .NET developers and site administrators create new functionality, manage component libraries, and add dynamic content to any existing website. In addition, integration with Microsoft Visual Studio allows programmers to leverage QP7.Express as a development environment to address solution architecture, code management, and performance optimization in .NET web application development.

Developers can use Quantum Art's Open Development Community for pre-built .NET components for QP7.Express such as navigation, forums, and FAQs, which are available for free from Quantum Art and other QP7 users. QP7.Express is a single-user, single site solution and will be available later this month for download at the website.