QUMAS Debuts Regulatory Compliance Solution for Life Sciences

Jun 03, 2003

QUMAS, a provider of Enterprise Compliance Management solutions for the life sciences industry, has announced the launch of its latest regulatory compliance product, QUMAS Visa. QUMAS Visa is a secure, Web-based viewing client for the company's flagship product, e-DocCompliance, a Web-based application that manages the full life cycle of regulatory controlled documentation in compliance with FDA (including 21 CFR Part 11), EMEA, ISO, and other international regulations. Developed in response to customer demand, QUMAS Visa is the latest component in the Enterprise Compliance Management vendor's open-platform development strategy. The software acts as a gateway to an organization's secure document repository, delivering on-demand access to regulatory-controlled information, to provide a solution for viewing regulatory information across the enterprise. Using Web technology, QUMAS Visa leverages J2EE and XML to integrate with existing technology infrastructures, enabling life sciences organizations to maximize the value of existing technology investments. Features of QUMAS Visa include: a security model; a light desktop client that requires minimal desktop resources, installation, validation, and support; 21 CFR Part 11-compliancy; controlled document printing and watermarking; email and inbox notification functions; and rapid access, search, and retrieval capabilities. QUMAS Visa will be available for purchase beginning in mid-June. Pricing for QUMAS Visa is dependent on the size and scope of implementation.

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