QUALCOMM And NTELOS Launch Portal for Mobile Content Access

Jul 06, 2007

QUALCOMM Incorporated and NTELOS, has announced plans to launch a BREW Consumer Portal. The portal will go together with NTELOS's existing BREW data services and will allow NTELOS to offer its subscribers the browsing for, and selection of, BREW applications and services over a web-based storefront. Subscribers can download BREW applications, the BREW Consumer Portal has been designed to provide NTELOS to better promote content suited to its subscribers. NTELOS expects to make this service available to NTELOS subscribers later this year. The BREW Consumer Portal provides both an Internet shopping portal that wireless subscribers can use download mobile content, and an administrative portal to manage the content that is displayed and available for download. The content is delivered to the mobile device via the BREW Delivery System. Operators can use the back-end administrative portal to manage the shopper portal user interface, designed to configure the site's appearance and the information made available to end users through shopper portal icons, banners, graphics information, and the BREW Consumer Portal main page. The BREW Consumer Portal supports both pre-pay and post-pay billing methods.

NTELOS is an integrated communications provider headquartered in Waynesboro, Virginia. NTELOS provides products and services to customers in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and North Carolina, including wireless phone service, high-speed DSL (high-speed Internet access) and, local and long-distance telephone services. QUALCOMM Incorporated develops and delivers digital wireless communication products and services based on CDMA and other advanced technologies. QUALCOMM Headquartered in San Diego, California.

(www.ntelos.com; www.qualcomm.com)