Publishers File Copyright Infringement Suit Against Collegiate Copies

Jul 11, 2003

Five publishers have filed a copyright infringement suit against Collegiate Copies, Inc. and its owners, John E. Seeber and Thomas Seeber. HarperCollins Publishers, Pearson Education, Princeton University Press, SAGE Publications, and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. allege that Collegiate Copies has engaged in routine and systematic reproduction of materials from the plaintiffs' publications without seeking permission to reproduce the content either directly or through Copyright Clearance Center. The publishers' complaint was filed recently in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana. Collegiate Copies provides coursepacks to local universities in Indiana, including Indiana University at Bloomington. The contents of a typical coursepack include journal articles, excerpts from books, and other printed materials, selected by the instructor of a course as required reading for that course. The copy shop obtains copies of the books and other materials in the syllabus from a library, copies the portions identified by the instructor, and binds large numbers of them for students' use. The copy shop then sells these coursepacks to students at a profit. Copyright Clearance Center, the not-for-profit copyright licensing and management company, helps businesses, academic institutions, copy shops, print centers, and other users of protected materials comply with copyright law through its convenient licensing solutions. Royalties collected by the company are distributed to the publishers, authors, or other copyright owners who have engaged Copyright Clearance Center as their rights management agent.

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