Publishers Centaur, Informa Report Higher Digital Revenues

Feb 23, 2012

After moving their print media portfolios toward digital subscription models, Centaur Media, PLC and Informa, PLC have reported improved digital revenues, reports Centaur's digital revenue rose 10% over the second half of 2011, comprising 32% of the company's overall revenue of £8.5 million ($13.3 million). Informa reported its 2011 digital revenue made up 74% of its total.

However, Informa's annual profit dropped 25% to £74.3 million ($116.5 million), while Centaur slimmed its half-year loss by £100,000 to £1.5 million ($2.35 million).

Centaur recently closed several of its print titles, including New Media Age, to focus more on online business operations. Centaur recently acquired The Profile Group (UK) Ltd. for £8 million ($12.5 million). Informa's ebook sales rose 11% last year to make up 12% of academic book sales. The company will make its book catalogue available through Taylor & Francis Online; its portfolio also includes Routledge.