PubMatic Completes Real-Time Bidding Case Study

Oct 12, 2010

PubMatic announced the completion of its first multi-party real-time bidding (RTB) case study, which shows how RTB methods compare to other types of digital advertising across several advertiser categories. The study include four Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) that used PubMatic's Sell Side Platform: MediaMath, [x+1], Turn, and DataXu. Some findings of the study include publishers generating 64% more revenue when using RTB campaigns as opposed to non-RTB campaigns; audience-targeted non-RTB campaigns being an average of 324% more effective than run-of-network non-RTB campaigns; and RTB providing better than non-RTB campaigns by an average of 101%.

The results of the study in their entirety were unveiled PubMatic's 3rd Annual Premium Publisher conference, and outlined in the Ad Revenue 2010 Report distributed to attendees. The conference was held on Oct. 7th in New York.