Prospero Unveils New Hosted Community Application

Feb 14, 2006

Prospero, a provider of community content management solutions, has announced Prospero Ratings and Reviews, a new hosted application for capturing, aggregating, and managing community members' opinions and experiences on products or services. Prospero Ratings and Reviews enable online publishers to deploy ratings and reviews that are integrated with relevant portions of their site. This application provides a venue for consumers or readers to post unbiased information about their personal first hand experiences. Organizations can get immediate consumer opinions and feedback on their products or services. Utilizing Prospero's Active Content API, the user feedback can be integrated with editorial reviews and displayed anywhere on an organization's Web site while still maintaining editorial control.

Online publishers can enhance their Web sites by offering a collaborative environment for community members to share customer/reader opinions and experiences about specific products, news articles, events, and services while incorporating this information into editorial content. As part of Prospero's CommunityCM platform, the Ratings and Reviews application can be branded to match any Web site interface while providing online publishers a flexible design, control over content approval, word filtering, terms of service violations, and other moderation requirements, as well as a way to offer this feature to their online visitors.

Key features of Prospero's Ratings and Reviews application include: a flexible design, Prospero Ratings and Review application uses CommunityCM's new structured message technology to append additional client-defined data fields to content submitted for publication; speed to implementation, once CommunityCM is configured and integrated, the Ratings and Reviews application can be running in less than a week; publication control, solutions are mostly home grown, require custom programming and do not include the sophistication of related features such as word filtering and moderation control. Online publishers get all of these tools included with Prospero's Ratings and Reviews; syndication, where users can subscribe to Ratings and Review content through RSS syndication. Publishers can notify their audience when new reviews are added or when there is a new subject to review; reporting, where Prospero provides activity level reporting as well as the ability to integrate with a customer's existing third party reporting systems (e.g. Omniture); and moderation services, where Prospero's Community Management services team can help to monitor activity across all applications, including Ratings and Reviews to ensure that members adhere to the organization's Terms of Service guidelines.