Primestream Introduces Workflow Manager 1.0

Sep 03, 2013

Primestream released FORK 4.5, the latest version of its FORK Production Suite for managing and automating broadcast workflows. FORK 4.5 features Workflow Manager 1.0, a new add-on module for designing internal video production processes across multiple departments. FORK 4.5 with Workflow Manager is suited for all IT infrastructures, including broadcast, postproduction, and corporate enterprise.

Workflow Manager allows users to design, control, and automate production processes that span multiple departments and groups within the organization. This capability enables the module to improve communication and response time from engineering and support staff; provide a global view of the tasks and processes being worked on; assign tasks to specific groups or users; log every step of the process with information for analytics.

In addition to the new Workflow Manager module, FORK 4.5 features further enhancements to codec support and third-party hardware, as well as craft editor integrations.