Potential 2008 Voters Using the Internet to Research Candidates, Survey Says

Apr 10, 2007

Burst Media, an online ad network, has learned that the internet is playing a role in keeping voters informed. In a recent survey of 2,100 online users who are likely to vote in the 2008 Presidential election, Burst found that over 20% of likely voters have already visited a presidential candidate's website; one quarter of likely voters have clicked on a candidate or advocacy group's online advertisement. The survey also found that likely voters are also willing to watch a presidential candidate in an online video clip, and listen to a candidate in a podcast. Use of the internet to understand political positions leads all other media. One-quarter of likely voters cite the internet as the best place to learn about a candidate's position on election issues or to research general election issues; beating out television (21.3%), newspapers (17.3%), radio (6.9%), magazines (4.4%), and pamphlets/ brochures/direct mail (3.3%). The survey also found that men are significantly more likely than women to cite the internet as the best source for election information, 28.7% versus 21.1% respectively. Among the youngest likely voter segment (18-24 years), television (27.6%) and the internet (24.5%) reign supreme for election information. The internet clearly leads other media among respondents 25-44 years, and newspapers lead with older age segments (45 years and older).