Plumtree and Yahoo! Deliver IM for the Enterprise Web

Apr 02, 2004

Plumtree Software and Yahoo! Inc. have announced the integration of Yahoo! Messenger into Plumtree's Enterprise Web Suite. The new offering is intended to allow Plumtree customers to add presence awareness, instant messaging, and application alerts into the service-oriented applications they create in their Enterprise Web deployments. With presence and instant messaging capabilities from Yahoo!, Plumtree Collaboration Server displays the online status of all project members, including task owners, document authors, or discussion participants.

The integration of Yahoo! Messenger into the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite also includes: Unified user management--administrators manage one set of users for Plumtree and Yahoo! technologies; Integrated activity rights management--administrators can govern instant messaging access alongside Enterprise Web privileges; Contextual presence--online presence and user availability is embedded in several Plumtree applications and code samples jump-start the process of embedding presence into any customer application; Notifications--event-driven alerts on documents, tasks, and discussions within projects can be routed through Yahoo! Messenger, or to mobile devices; Logging--Yahoo! Messenger conversations can be stored in projects and indexed for search; and Presence--Status indication integrated throughout the Plumtree Enterprise Web solution.

Plumtree is now offering Yahoo! Messenger for the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite as a services engagement that includes one to two days of installation assistance from Plumtree Consulting Services, with a one-time installation fee of $5,000 plus a yearly per-user subscription to the instant messaging service. Plumtree plans to standardize the integration between Yahoo! Messenger and the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite later this year.

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