Percussion Software Introduces Lyrix 2

Mar 09, 2004


Percussion Software has introduced version 2 of Lyrix, its Lotus Domino content integration product. Lyrix 2 is designed to enable direct, out-of-the-box reuse of Domino content throughout the enterprise. Based on a Web services architecture, Lyrix 2 converts Domino content into formats accepted by J2EE and .NET applications. It is designed to play a key role in any organization's Domino content strategy, regardless of their current

use or future plans for their Domino applications. Version 2 will be available next

month. New features include: bi-directional synchronization capabilities; enhanced Microsoft SharePoint support; and additional J2EE and .NET sample applications.

Lyrix 2 automatically transforms unique Domino attributes - Rich Text, embedded

images, doc links, attachments, etc. - into standard XML and xHTML. Using Lyrix 2's visual mapping interface, developers define the pieces of Domino content required by external applications. Domino content can then be accessed directly in real-time via Content Services, or content can be transferred to external file systems and databases using scheduled Content Transfers.

Lyrix 2 gives organizations a way to set their own schedule for if, or when and how quickly they migrate from Domino. Business users can continue working with Domino as they always have, and organizations can choose a co-existence strategy by continuing to create content in Domino applications while simultaneously reusing the content in other enterprise applications. Lyrix 2 does not force an organization to port Domino applications to another platform or to migrate all Domino content to a new repository.