Penn Media Announces Vidsense

May 13, 2005

Penn Media has announced its latest advertising and content initiative: Vidsense. Vidsense is a program whereby Web sites include a proprietary video player and streamed content related to the given Web site content is then delivered through the player, along with advertising. For example, humor sites are delivered comedy clips, history sites delivered historical clips, and political sites are delivered topical news content. All content is preceded by a 15 to 30 second streamed video commercial. Revenues generated from the video views are shared with host sites. Penn has secured access to over 100,000 hours of content ranging from George Carlin and Abbott & Costello to JFK and Ronald Regan speeches. Vidsense's value proposition works in two ways: they say that quality content helps build traffic and, because clips change daily, people will want to visit to see the latest clip; second, sites benefit through revenue share from national advertisers looking to reach new audiences.