Penguin Group and Ingram Digital Announce Agreement

Oct 21, 2008


Penguin Group, an English-language trade book publisher, and Ingram Digital have announced a global agreement for the hosting, management, and distribution of eBook and downloadable Audio Book titles. Ingram Digital will become the digital repository for Penguin Group eBook and downloadable Audio Book titles in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Ingram Digital’s asset management solution, CoreSource, will now host, manage, and distribute approximately 11,000 Penguin Group titles in the Canada, the US, and the UK.Penguin will further employ Ingram Digital’s Retail Solutions to manage e-Book and downloadable Audio Book fulfillment to Penguin Group websites in North America and the U.K.Many of these titles will also be made available to retailers through Ingram Digital’s Search and Discover services, which will be launched in North America and Europe in 2009.