Pearson Reports Digital Content Brought $3 Billion in 2011

Jan 19, 2012

Pearson, PLC reported that in 2011, it accrued around £600 million ($927 million) from emerging markets and £2 billion ($3.09 billion) in digital revenues, according to its January trading update. Pearson's digital revenue is up from £1.6 billion ($2.47 million) in 2010, according to the annual report.

According to paidContent, the company plans to put profits from selling its older businesses toward buying new ones in digital and emerging markets. In December, Pearson sold its 50 percent stake in FTSE International for £450 million ($695 million). That money will "provide additional headroom for further bolt-on acquisitions" in the target areas of digital and emerging markets, the company said.

Pearson has been rolling out new online services for its core education businesses, and constituents Penguin Group and The Financial Times Ltd. have seen steady online and ebook growth.