Panopto's Video Search Engine Allows Users to Search Inside Video Content

Mar 27, 2014

Panopto, a video platform provider for the enterprise and education markets, introduced a product update with a comprehensive way to search inside video content. The update allows Panopto customers to search for any word that is spoken or shown in their videos, and fast forward to that precise moment.

Enterprise and education videos often run 60 minutes or longer. Being able to find and fast-forward to specific moments is essential. Most traditional video platforms, however, only offer basic search capabilities, making it difficult and time consuming to find phrases mentioned by a speaker, words shown on-screen, or key topics covered in a video.

This update allows Panopto's enterprise and university customers to search video content as easily as they would search a document, website, or email. Every recording, new and old, stored in an organization's Panopto video library can now be searched for words spoken by any speaker with new automatic speech recognition; words that appear anywhere in a video -- including text shown on-screen during screencasts and handwritten words shown on whiteboards -- with new optical character recognition; words from PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, including speakers notes; words that are part of a video's public notes or comments.

Once a keyword has been found, customers can instantly fast forward to the moment in the video where the keyword appears.