Pacific Energy Center Chooses EOS.Web Enterprise

Apr 23, 2004

EOS International has announced the recent installation of EOS.Web Enterprise at the Pacific Energy Center (PG&E) Library, an upgrade from EOS Q-Series. The PG&E library is designed to be a resource for energy efficiency information and can be accessed via the PG&E information portal. In addition to books, journals and direct links to other Web sites, library users can also access full text electronic files and documents, which can be opened and viewed directly on the users' computer. The library has also created several "Special Titles" lists, which are collections of documents in specific subject or interest areas, such as clean air transportation, residential energy usage fact sheets, class materials, and reports. EOS library automation software products (EOS.Web, EOS Q-Series, EOS GLAS, and hosted, EOS e-Library Services) are designed to serve the knowledge and content management needs of corporate, legal, medical, government, and special libraries.

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