PSS Introduces Atlas Litigation Communications and Collections

Aug 30, 2005

PSS Systems, a provider of information retention and collection solutions, has introduced the Atlas Litigation Communications and Collections (LCC), a solution to capture, automate and streamline the processes for information preservation and production activities.

Atlas LCC gives companies: a structured, organized process for the full preservation and production cycle; centralized legal notice and collection management to ensure consistency and completeness; a shared database of holds, collections, and case documents, helping avoid rediscovery in future cases; an approach that allows litigators to monitor progress and manage by exception; consistent record keeping within cases and across cases that demonstrates the efficacy of the preservation and production process. Atlas LCC enables companies to identify the relevant people in litigation, notify them of the obligation to preserve information, determine where that information resides, collect information from many sources, manage subsequent requests in the case, and over a long lifecycle, monitor the progress and exceptions that may occur.

The Atlas LCC solution integrates with the Atlas Retention Policy Management and Atlas Policy Enforcement solutions to form the AtlasIPM suite. By using the solutions in concert, a user can synchronize information retention, disposal, preservation, and production. Atlas LCC is available now.