Oxford Launches Oxford Bibliographics Online

Apr 22, 2010

Oxford University Press announced the launch of Oxford Bibliographies Online, a series of "ultimate reading lists" that present bibliographies in several disciplines selected by leading subject experts and vetted by the highest professional standards. The product launched with modules on Classics, Islamic Studies, Criminology, and Social Work, with an additional 10-12 subject area modules scheduled to launch within the next year. Forthcoming modules in May 2010 include Atlantic History, Renaissance & Reformation, and Philosophy. Every module is overseen by a subject-area expert editor-in-chief and editorial board.

Each entry receives multiple peer reviews and board vetting and provides expert recommendations through key literature on a specialized sub-topic. It also features an annotated bibliography broken into subsections, each preceded by context-setting text introducing the entries that follow. The entries are updated and revised quarterly, with 50-75 additional entries per year in each subject area.