OwnZones Launches Beta Site

Oct 04, 2012

OwnZones, which gathers premium subscription multimedia content tailored to user interests into a convenient ad-free site, has launched beta of the service. OwnZones is now open to anyone and registration is free. Consumers and potential media partners are invited to check out the site and provide valuable feedback that will help shape OwnZones for a full launch.

The site is already populated with content and channels from a selection of media partners, including videos from NewsLook, audio books, and video lessons to learn a new language from Innovative Language, hundreds of hours of automotive video programs from WheelsTV, and more.

Additional content channels from media partners are being added regularly. Monthly subscriptions for content channels are as low as under a dollar, depending on the content. After registering for free, visitors select which channels they would like to subscribe to. The content is then watched through the OwnZones reader, with some of it downloadable for enjoyment across a range of devices.