Openwave Mobility Launches NFV-Ready Audio, HD and Media Optimization Solution

Feb 25, 2014

Openwave Mobility, a software provider enabling operators to manage and monetize mobile data, announced General Availability of DynaMO, the latest incarnation of its congestion control software. This solution has full HD video and streaming audio optimization capabilities as well as the most advanced reporting dashboard to measure traffic profile and savings.

The DynaMO enhanced media optimization solution is designed to help carriers manage the bandwidth constraints created by HD video and audio streaming. The new audio/video optimization solution is equipped to maximize the efficiency of data transport over wireless networks and optimizes HD video and audio in real-time. The solution can also be deployed in a virtualized environment with dynamic scaling that is aligned with the industry initiative for Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

DynaMO uses a combination of contextually-selective and congestion-aware optimization techniques. It intelligently adapts video optimization to fit the original video with each user's device. DynaMO monitors individual users' data sessions, optimizing video only when networks are congested and to the extent where smooth playback can be achieved.