Opentopic Launches Enterprise Workflow & Collaboration For Content Marketers

Feb 05, 2015

Opentopic, the content marketing platform that enables companies to engage and acquire customers through curated content, announced the launch of Opentopic Enterprise Workflow & Collaboration. Opentopic Enterprise Workflow & Collaboration says it streamlines content marketing for large organizations, or any organization that aims to support their content marketing initiatives through a simple, collaborative, and customizable process.    

With Opentopic Enterprise Workflow & Collaboration, marketers can create customized workflows, or queues, to streamline content discovery, approval, and publishing within an organization. At the core of Opentopic's platform is a content discovery engine. Unlike other platforms that provide limited search capabilities or restrict sourcing to licensed content, Opentopic draws from the full web, including search engines, RSS feeds, and even social media. The combination of search technology and influencer mapping aims to ensure that any Opentopic client, regardless of industry or audience, can find the most relevant, high-quality content to engage and acquire customers.