Open Text and IXOS Plan Combined ECM Solution; Open Text Launches Livelink IM

Mar 12, 2004


Open Text Corporation has announced plans for a combined enterprise content management (ECM) solution with IXOS Software AG, as well as plans to offer enterprise-wide instant messaging (IM) for Livelink. Open Text and IXOS have announced plans to roll out their first combined ECM solutions beginning in six months, including new email management, content archiving, and Web content management capabilities. For customers, the solutions address content management and storage problems by providing capabilities including: an integrated solution for managing, tracking, and storing email to improve compliance with corporate governance and other legal requirements; a series of Web content management products that can be applied to Web publishing or development needs; and content archiving for Open Text's Livelink suite.

The companies' initial offerings are scheduled for later this year, with some components of the Web content management solutions available in the next 60 to 90 days. The solutions include: Email Management--Combining IXOS' email archiving and storage solutions with Open Text's records management, search, and classification technologies in the Livelink suite. These combined capabilities marry the archiving and storage of email with the ability to implement auditable practices and policies for email search, access, retention, and disposition. The solution is designed to support compliance requirements from regulatory agencies in North America and Europe. Web Content Management--Launching a suite of Web Content Management solutions are intended to meet customers' needs, from out-of-the-box Web publishing solutions, to Java-based solutions customers can deploy for more sophisticated Web development requirements. Content Archiving for Livelink--Adding IXOS' archiving capabilities to Livelink gives customers a flexible storage interface and enables them to choose their storage hardware independently of their application software.

Open Text has also announced enterprise-wide instant messaging (IM) for Livelink. The solution, called Livelink Instant Messenger, is designed to offer customers instant communication, the ability to see if co-workers are online, and the option of retaining IM content, for corporate governance compliance. Once retained, IM content becomes fully indexed and auditable, so users can search in Livelink to retrieve specific information. Livelink Instant Messenger also offers security features; embedded in Open Text's Livelink suite, Livelink Instant Messenger is deployed inside the firewall, and uses SSL to encrypt information both inside and outside the firewall.  

Livelink Instant Messenger enhances collaboration by displaying the online presence of co-workers when users are navigating in Livelink. Users are able to see when a colleague is available and IM, email, or call that person to ask a question or discuss an issue.  Livelink Instant Messenger lets users create their own lists of co-workers for online presence or create project team lists, so team members can stay in close communication.  The solution also lets users host spontaneous virtual meetings from IM in a public conference room, and lets project managers create and host regular chat sessions for team members in project conference rooms. Livelink Instant Messenger will be available March 15 and works with Livelink 9.1.0 SP4 and 9.2 SP1 on all supported platforms.

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