Open Text Releases LegalKEY Practice Support Solutions for Law Firms

Feb 02, 2007

Open Text Corporation, an independent provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software and solutions, has announced new enhancements to the LegalKEY Practice Support Suite. The new features are designed to help law firms be more compliant. The suite provides attorneys and staff with applications that are integrated with other productivity and business software deployed at law firms.

Open Text Legal Solutions provide an integrated product offering developed specifically to support law firms' business practices and proactive compliance needs throughout the matter lifecycle--from client intake through to final disposition. The following new features are now available: email management so the new Symantec Enterprise Vault application integration is designed to allow customers to track and manage emails as official records to improve retention and discovery capabilities. LegalKEY Docketing/Calendaring as the latest version of Critical Dates Management includes features designed for both law firms and corporate legal departments. New integration between Critical Dates and document management systems is designed to enable the creation of reminders and events relating to a document directly from the document. Matter Metadata Search where customers can run much more granular searches of all of the metadata in the LegalKEY database no matter which product module it resides in; Ethical Walls with LegalKEY Software Development Kit (SDK) where the SDK offers law firms the ability to setup Ethical Walls from third party applications like New Business Intake (NBI); LegalKEY Imaging Agent as this enhanced offering is designed to enable customers to process large groups of images into LegalKEY as a batch process; and the ability to import images to LegalKEY so that LegalKEY customers will also be able to preview the new offerings and expanded portfolio of proactive compliance solutions for professional services firms.

Open Text Legal Solutions include: New Business Intake, Conflicts Management, Document Management, Records Management, and Critical Dates Management systems, all tailored specifically to the way that information flows and is used in law firms.