Open Text Introduces Coreport 6.0; Sales Readiness Solution for Livelink

Jun 27, 2003

Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink collaboration and knowledge management software for the enterprise, has introduced Coreport 6.0, an enterprise portal framework that unifies content from Livelink, other repositories, and a range of enterprise systems in a single interface. The solution offers customers a new option for enterprise content integration in Livelink, allowing them to connect disparate applications and repositories, and gain greater ROI from existing systems. Coreport 6.0 brings Livelink's virtual team collaboration, knowledge and content management, business process automation and information retrieval services into a customized and extended portal environment. The new version also includes enhancements to the Coreport portal framework, with a variety of functional improvements. Users see only what's relevant to their individual roles and relationships to the enterprise.  Coreport provides access to any kind of application running on any platform—both Web and legacy—with no change to the native application or loss of functionality. Coreport can deliver connectivity to any type of application with its Coreport connector framework. For Livelink connectivity, Coreport 6.0 offers a variety of options, including connectors leveraging Livelink UNITE virtual workspaces and Livelink Atlas tree navigation of Livelink content. mCoreport 6.0 will be available July 1.  

Open Text has also introduced Livelink for Sales Readiness, which combines sales effectiveness tools and rich media technology with Livelink's collaboration and knowledge management capabilities. Livelink for Sales Readiness, a combination of Open Text's LaunchForce and Livelink, provides a single platform for transferring knowledge to sales teams, so companies can build sales expertise, deliver more effective content, and make adjustments to initiatives to meet changing market conditions. As part of the Livelink suite, the solution integrated with a range of collaborative tools, such as team meeting rooms, workflows for process automation, and enterprise knowledge management. Livelink for Sales Readiness provides integrated workspaces to help sales, marketing, and management teams coordinate initiatives. These workspaces include: An Information Center for sales teams to access personalized content. The information center guides users through content, helps users track personal progress, and provides search tools for finding reference content. A Tracking Center which gives managers access to an executive dashboard of sales readiness metrics, including usage, understanding, reach, and satisfaction. A Control Center for marketing teams to create, organize, and manage content. Users can customize content to target different groups within sales. Livelink for Sales Readiness integrates with a range of corporate systems, including 7CRM and HRMS databases. The solution is available immediately from Open Text.  

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