Open Text Announces Email Management Platform, Collaboration Platform, New Artesia Customer

Nov 16, 2004


Open Text Corporation, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software, has announced that it plans to rollout a suite of email management solutions over the next few months. Open Text has also announced a new collaboration platform and that Sandia National Labs plans to implement Open Text's Artesia digital asset management solution.

The Open Text email management solutions are intended to offer integration of email archiving, records management, and search capabilities. Open Text's new offerings integrate components such as: classification, indexing and search; integration with records management capabilities and the ability to address specific legal, policy and compliance requirements; archiving capabilities and integration with storage systems. The solutions are designed to work with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes email systems.

Over the next few months, Open Text will introduce three solutions to address varying email management requirements. The solutions include: Livelink email Archiving--Designed for organizations with more basic needs, this solution provides an email archiving infrastructure for a company's email system. Emails and attachments are offloaded from email servers to the archive without any change in the user experience. Users can still see and access the emails—icons define which emails are in the archive. The solution also offers basic search capability and the ability to offer rule-based or interactive archiving. Livelink email Monitoring--The solution adds support for legal discovery processes and structured retention management of all emails within an email system without transparently exposing the functionality to the end user. Livelink email Monitoring offers search and discovery across the chain of email communication in an organization. The solution also offers the ability to place retention holds on emails under investigation; the ability to journal and archive all incoming and outgoing email; and audit trails, automatic classifications, and the ability to create workflows. Livelink email Management--Integrates all the capabilities of Livelink email Archiving with Open Text's Livelink Records Management Server. Livelink email Management lets customers set specific retention and disposition policies to emails and manage them as corporate records. The solution also offers rule-based and interactive archiving of email, search functionality, interactive classifications, audit trails, rule-based and interactive archiving from within the email client.

Open Text's new collaboration platform, Livelink Touchpoint, is designed to unify Web conferencing, blogs, team workspaces, Instant Messaging, and the ability to see the online presence of others into a single interface. Open Text has begun trialing the software with initial customers and plans a full roll out in January. Livelink Touchpoint is designed to better match the dynamics of human interaction, while eliminating the need for users to switch between applications to use different collaboration tools. All collaboration occurs within the Livelink Touchpoint interface and Touchpoint also offers access to electronic content throughout the organization so users can access the information they need as they work with others online.

Livelink Touchpoint is designed to integrate with all of Livelink's ECM features -- content management, knowledge management, records management, workflows, search and other tools--as well as with other Open Text ECM solutions and customers' other business systems, such ERP and CRM applications. The solution also includes integration with Microsoft Outlook for scheduling. Over the next year, Open Text will add new capabilities to further develop Livelink Touchpoint as a core collaboration interface for the Livelink ECM suite. Future enhancements include video integration and voice integration.

Open Text has also announced that Sandia National Labs plans to implement its Artesia DAM solution to manage its digital content, including historical images. The Artesia solution is provided by Artesia Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Open Text. Operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin company, for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration, Sandia National Labs is a multi-program laboratory with research and development responsibilities in U.S. national security, energy, and environmental technologies. Artesia is a digital asset management system that serves as the single access point for all digital media files and their underlying information. Artesia is designed to enable users to find, access, share, reuse, distribute and archive all types of digital content.