Open Text Announces ECM with Unified Platform

May 19, 2006

Open Text Corp. has unveiled a unified platform for enterprise content management (ECM). Open Text's Livelink ECM storage and meta data services extend the collaboration and Web content management features of Office SharePoint Server 2007 and other services to give companies a single platform to manage all enterprise content from creation to end of life. Building on this platform and the content services delivered by Microsoft and the Office SharePoint Server 2007 platform, Open Text is delivering a series of solutions for such requirements as contract management, litigation support, and regulated documents.

The resulting enterprise content management stack encompasses four main layers: a User Experience Layer, where the primary user experience is provided within the environment of Microsoft Office applications and Web browser; a Business Layer that consists of SharePoint Uniform Services, ECM Components, and Open Text Functional extensions. In addition, Open Text composite applications provide complete solutions to meet specialized requirements, or to address specific industry needs; Transactional Repositories designed for managing current documents used on a regular basis across the enterprise to conduct business. These can include SharePoint repositories, shared network files and Microsoft Exchange servers; and an Enterprise Library, which provides long-term storage of enterprise content, either for historical purposes or to meet legal and compliance requirements.