OneSpot Announces Expansion of Proprietary ‘Content Sequencing' Platform, Launches New Suite of Cross-Channel Solutions

Oct 29, 2015

OneSpot announced the launch of a new integrated solution purpose-built for delivering cross-channel personalization of branded editorial content. The proprietary Content Sequencing platform, which helps brands build content-driven one-to-one relationships by personalizing and sequencing content to individuals no matter where they are in the digital journey, now extends engagement across website, e-mail, mobile, social, and paid digital channels.

OneSpot employs machine learning, data intelligence, and predictive modeling to automatically reengage the same customer with multiple pieces of personalized content across channels. OneSpot says its machine learning technology makes approximately one trillion content placement predictions per day, and provides Fortune 500 content marketers with access to over 36 million impressions per minute, reaching 94% of the U.S. internet audience.

The company's new, expanded solution features OneSpot OnSite, which delivers personalized content on brands' owned websites, and OneSpot InBox, which incorporates personalized content in branded email communications. Each work in tandem with OneSpot ReAct for powerful remarketing of personalized content in display, social and mobile ad environments, as well as OneSpot InAd for driving new targeted users to personalized, relevant content via paid media.