Obinary Releases Magnolia 2.0

Nov 19, 2004


Obinary has released Magnolia 2.0, an open-source content management system that is designed to offer all advantages of Web-based systems while being built for the J2EE platform. The developers at Obinary sought to transfer desktop software behavior to the Web-user interface, so actions can be performed used right mouse clicks and content elements can be moved and sorted using drag and drop.

Magnolia 2.0 is based on the new JSR-170 standard, which defines the Java Content Repository API. Communication between Content Repositories and applications is standardized and implemented vendor-independently. Content repositories specialize on intelligent content storage, while applications like Magnolia can focus on the management and presentation of content. Magnolia 2.0 uses the open-source licensed JSR-170-implementation "Jackrabbit" as a content repository, based on version 0.14 of the JSR-170 standard definition.

Obinary is currently working on document management extensions, workflow, and electronic forms to complete the Magnolia offering. Obinary offers commercial support, hosting, training, and implementation services for Magnolia. Magnolia 2.0 is available immediately and free-of-charge.