Oban Digital Launches In the United States

Feb 10, 2015

Oban Digital, a UK-based global digital marketing agency specializing in leveraging the local cultural nuances of digital audiences and ad platforms, launched in the United States. Already active in 80 markets in more than 30 countries helping  brands and retailers leverage its local knowledge and cultural insights to create campaigns, Oban syas it helps drive traffic and generate a better client ROI anywhere in the world. 

Recently, The Drum, one of the UK's biggest marketing publications and websites named Oban Digital as an Agency to Watch for 2015 saying, "It's a multilingual approach that stands it in good stead as the world gets smaller and global retailers become ever more strategic in conquering previously untapped markets. And with this trend unlikely to ever slow down, the agency finds itself in an enviable position for the year ahead."

Oban Digital is a global multilingual search agency optimizing campaigns for markets and people, not just languages, in more than 80 markets.  The company offers a range of services for companies and brands wanting to expand beyond their borders into new markets. Those service include Multilingual SEO , Mobile SEO,  International PPC, Mobile PPC,  Global Mobile, Cultural CRO, Global Research, Web Training, Global Social Media, and Multilingual Content.