O’Reilly Media Selects Mark Logic Server

Apr 11, 2006

Mark Logic Corporation, provider of an XML content server, has announced that O'Reilly Media, Inc. has implemented MarkLogic Server in the newest version of SafariU, its Web-based custom publishing platform. SafariU allows educators to create and publish customized computer science and information technology textbooks and course materials.

Using SafariU, educators can create a custom textbook in real-time, drawing from a library of technology books from publishers including O'Reilly, Prentice Hall PTR, and Addison Wesley. The service delivers an integrated 'one-stop shopping' solution that offers querying and content delivery capabilities available within the user interface. MarkLogic Server enables providers of information products to integrate content from different sources, re-purpose content for multiple uses, deliver content through multiple channels, and mine content to find previously undiscovered information.

O'Reilly Media is also using MarkLogic Server to incorporate key tenets of what O'Reilly has dubbed "Web2.0" in SafariU. With functionality provided by MarkLogic Server, SafariU offers peer review and content-sharing features that encourage contribution and participation in the SafariU user community.

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