Nuxeo Re-Names Nuxeo CPS

Sep 26, 2006


Nuxeo, a provider of open source ECM, has announced that the next version of its ECM platform, currently known as "Nuxeo CPS", will be based on open source Java technologies and renamed "Nuxeo 5." Nuxeo 5, which will be released on November 15, is a complete ECM platform designed to enable the management of the full document lifecycle, either in "web client" mode or in "rich client" mode.

Technical and strategic information concerning the new platform, including a FAQ about the Java switch, have been assembled on the new website, site of the community of the developers and users of the Nuxeo platform. According to the open source development model chosen by Nuxeo, the source code of the platform is already available for third-party developers, and the products will be formally released in the upcoming weeks.