Nuxeo Announces Updates to its Content Services Platform

Aug 16, 2018

Nuxeo, a cloud-native Content Services Platform, announced Fast Track 10.2, which includes several updates and adds new features to the core Nuxeo Platform. Nuxeo 10.2 adds enhanced capabilities for annotations, including the ability for users to annotate office documents, images, videos, PDFs, and AutoCAD documents for review/validation processes or for media enrichment. The latest release of the Nuxeo Platform also features a new Adobe Creative Cloud connector, which has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve the user experience and leverage the full capabilities of Adobe CC 2018.

Other updates and enhancements featured in Nuxeo 10.2 include: 

  • Federation Blob Provider: The Nuxeo Platform can now manage binary content “in place” (i.e. content that remains stored in external ECM or EFSS systems). In addition to extending the Nuxeo content federation strategy, this enables customers to get all the benefits of a modern Content Services Platform (scale, search, workflows, automation, and permissions) without the cost and pain of forced migrations.
  • Metadata Comparison: Nuxeo’s Web UI now offers functionality for comparing metadata values across multiple documents. Accuracy and speed are critical when users must clearly identify granular differences across a lot of data linked to different documents or versions of the same document (e.g.product or catalog use cases). Users can now easily review an entire document or just compare the differing metadata values.
  • Identifying Similar Content: The Nuxeo Platform now supports “More Like This” type queries, which enables intelligent searches across a repository for content that’s close to the content of a given image, document, case or another business object. This is particularly useful in case management projects where finding similar cases can reduce resolution time. 
  • Bulk Actions Framework: When dealing with large volumes of data, even a simple action like updating metadata across the entire repository can take a long time and impact overall platform performance. Nuxeo has streamlined these bulk operations with a Bulk Action Framework built on a Kafka-based streaming infrastructure. This framework allows customers to execute custom actions on millions or even billions of content items easily, and in a highly scalable and robust manner. This can be particularly useful for enterprises that have high-availability solution requirements, or that have specific needs around bulk or volume processing of content or data. 
  • Avro: Nuxeo Stream now sends Asynchronous Processing Messages in Kafka using Avro. Avro is a standardized way of enabling modern systems to communicate with each other. This allows any service to consume Nuxeo messages in a standardized manner, and its programmatic capabilities enhance the openness of the Nuxeo Platform.

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