Nstein and BIOSIS Launch New Products in Pharmaceutical/Bio-Tech Market

May 27, 2003

Nstein Technologies Inc., a provider of structured content management solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with BIOSIS, a life sciences abstracting and indexing service. Through this agreement, Nstein will use the intelligence of BIOSIS indexing to provide Ncategorizer and Nfinder software designed specifically for the biological, pharmaceutical, and biomedical markets. This combination of Nstein technology and BIOSIS content is designed to give users the opportunity to incorporate BIOSIS' subject information directly into their own information collections. By using this new version of Nstein's categorization and entity extraction software which has been enhanced with BIOSIS indexing, it is now possible for users to move from a search on their own collections to one on the BIOSIS Previews. Nstein will incorporate the BIOSIS' taxonomy of biological categories into its Ncategorizer software for use in organizing the information collections of drug companies, bio-tech firms, government research and patenting agencies, and other organizations conducting life sciences research. The BIOSIS authority files will be incorporated into Nstein's line of Nfinder software cartridges, allowing users to identify, label, and extract the names of organisms, diseases, chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, and other life sciences information. It will be possible to combine these new indexing tools with Nstein's retrieval and navigation software to build direct links to the BIOSIS database of biological literature and beyond.

(http://www.biosis.org), (http://www.nstein.com)