Nstein Technologies and IXIASOFT Selected by the National Assembly of Quebec

Apr 18, 2008


Nstein Technologies Inc., which provides publishing solutions for newspapers, magazines, and online content providers, announced that it and IXIASOFT technologies have been adopted by the National Assembly of Quebec for a large-scale document management project. Nstein's Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Text Mining Engine (TME) solutions and IXIASOFT's TEXTML server and XML document database will enable the National Assembly to roll out a new centralized platform to streamline the management of multimedia content and integrate interactive tools and services and provide users with a full range of search functions and direct access to historical content. IXIASOFT is a provider of XML content management software to organizations worldwide. IXIASOFT is the developer of TEXTML Server, an embeddable native XML database and search engine used to store, index and retrieve large volumes of XML content. IXIASOFT also offers the DITA CMS Framework, a content management solution designed specifically to author, manage and publish DITA-based technical documentation.

(www.nstein.com, www.ixiasoft.com)