Nstein Technologies Negotiating to Acquire Alis Technologies

Aug 31, 2004

Nstein Technologies Inc. has announced that it is negotiating the acquisition of Alis Technologies (Alis), a provider of multilingual information management software solutions that are designed to help large corporations and organizations communicate more efficiently in a multilingual environment and on the Internet. The planned transaction is subject to certain conditions, including an operational, financial, and organizational restructuring completed of Alis, requiring an investment of approximately $3.5 million by strategic Canadian and European partners. Upon closing of the transaction, Alis's new financial position will be characterized by $2.7 million in cash, a net value of approximately $2 million and expected revenue of $4 million for the next 12 months for a forecast 15% profitability. Alis's only long-term liability at closing is expected to be $750,000 in interest-free debt repayable over 10 years in annual installments based on a percentage of the cash flow generated by Alis's activities. The terms of the proposed agreement to acquire Alis Technologies provide for Nstein to issue 35,185,185 common shares at $0.27 per share, subject to voluntary escrow for a 24-month period. The acquisition of Alis is subject to the signature of final agreements and certain conditions mentioned above, as well as regulatory approval.
(www.alis.com; www.nstein.com)