Nsite Partners with WebEx

Feb 25, 2005

Nsite, an on-demand business process automation company, has announced a partnership with WebEx Communications, Inc., a provider of on-demand Web meeting applications. Nsite and WebEx expect to allow customers of both companies to seamlessly switch between the two applications depending on their immediate needs as well as enable users to capture, track, and improve approval and review processes, and task assignments across the enterprise. The integration will allow users to schedule WebEx meetings directly from the Nsite service. Details of the Web meeting--such as time, dial-in information, agenda--are scheduled in advance using the Nsite-integrated WebEx service.

The integration will also allow WebEx users to populate an action-item list during an online meeting so that attendees can keep track of activities to be performed at the conclusion of the event. The action-item list is actually an Nsite SmartForm, or a content-container that collects information pertinent to a particular business process. When ready, the meeting administrator initiates a routing of the action-item list to preferred recipients, and the status of activities on the list can be tracked across the enterprise using Nsite.
(www.nsite.com; www.webex.com)