North Plains Systems Releases Telescope Enterprise 7.0

May 20, 2003


North Plains Systems Corp., provider of Enterprise Digital Asset Management (E-DAM) solutions, has announced the release of TeleScope Enterprise 7.0 E-DAM technology. TeleScope Enterprise 7.0 is designed to enable organizations to increase their return on investment (ROI) by expanding its use throughout the enterprise. All of the new TeleScope 7.0 provides administrators with the flexibility to configure TeleScope to meet the requirements of their organization. Features like Digital Rights Management, Workflow Automation, and the XML Gateway expand the power of TeleScope. Two major functional tools have been added to TeleScope Enterprise 7.0. The Lookup Broker option enables on-demand lookup of metadata from other data sources, such as pulling in the ISBN number based on just the book title or finding a list of episodes from the name of a particular television program. A new administrative capability has been built in to create an extensible scripting language of administrator-defined rules within the application, which simplifies "asset level" permissions within the TeleScope system. Digital Rights Management and Workflow Automation can also be configured using this new tool. TeleScope enables production staff, vendors, licensees, partners, and consumers the ability to extract components of existing documents and dynamically generate new media assets re-purposed for a variety of electronic and wireless delivery methods. Built on open standards and distributed architecture, TeleScope Enterprise offers a robust and open API that allows third-party technologies and legacy systems to integrate into the TeleScope environment.