Newstex to Deliver Newsfeeds to Illumen

Mar 03, 2006

Newstex, the Content On Demand company, has announced that it will deliver real-time Newstex Newsfeeds to Illumen, a workflow tool used by individuals in trade associations, Fortune 500 companies, lobbying and law firms, and public relations agencies. Illumen will become the charter subscriber to the new Newstex State Capital Newsfeed and also offer clients content including the Newstex US Newsfeed and the Newstex Finance Newsfeed. Available on a subscription basis, Illumen uses categories, a personalized proactive capture of information as it is generated from sources including Newstex Content On Demand.

Newstex will deliver the following newsfeeds to Illumen via Content On Demand: Newstex US Newsfeed, which includes breaking news, from newsgathering sources including wire services and newspapers. Real-time coverage of current events and trends that impact communities such as crime, legal affairs, public safety, social and economic impact of disasters, education, employment, and demographics; the Newstex Finance Newsfeed, which includes insight into economic, corporate, and legislative activities that can influence market movement. Coverage of a variety of topics, including trading data from global stock markets; commodities and futures prices; personal investment news; economic indicator data; international trade policies; general business news; IRS bulletins; and reports regarding government actions that affect global financial institutions; and Newstex State Capital Newsfeed, which includes news and commentary from our nation's state capitals including state capital newspapers, full text blogs, and other sources. Newstex will be rolling out the State Capital Newsfeed throughout 2006 as new sources are acquired and integrated.