NewsGator Technologies Releases New Version of RSS Management Platform

Jun 02, 2006

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., an RSS platform company, has announced the release of NewsGator Enterprise Server (NGES) 1.3, the latest version of its enterprise RSS aggregation and distribution platform. NGES provides organizations with a platform for finding, distributing, and sharing only relevant RSS feeds across groups and organizations. With NGES, employees can access internal and external RSS feeds within Microsoft Outlook, a range of mobile devices, corporate portals, and the web without having to download any client-side software. Enhancements within NGES 1.3 include improvements in usability, integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, new collaboration capabilities, additional knowledge management and administrative features, and globalization.

NewsGator Enterprise Server 1.3 includes the following new capabilities: SharePoint Team Portal integration, which enables the publishing of a set of feeds to a Microsoft SharePoint portal site that members of a group can view; Group Clippings, which allows a member of an internal team or group to take important items, add a comment, and drop them into a folder, which is then turned into an RSS feed to which others can subscribe; refined article and feed searching, where users can customize searches for only internally generated/published content (versus all content indexed internally) and define SmartFeeds (keyword searches) in the same way; feed creation from email, where users can turn emails into RSS feeds; and an improved user interface with improved navigation and support for favicons (icons from feed publishers); directory servers to read and manage groups from multiple directory servers; proxy scripting, the ability to dynamically determine proxy information and multiple URLs as internal (and not to be accessed through proxy); and taxonomy management, where administrators can add and delete categories to the taxonomy (categories of feeds) and feeds to categories through the user interface and also add secure feeds which subscribers can access by entering credentials; and localization, which allows organizations to customize the software for foreign languages. NewsGator Enterprise Server 1.3 is currently available and priced on a per-user basis.