NewsGator Technologies Closes Series A Funding

Jun 25, 2004

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., a developer of content aggregation tools and services, has closed a round of funding with Mobius Venture Capital. The funding will be used to accelerate the development process for the NewsGator product line, as well as expand the marketing and corporate sales groups. There are enhancements planned for the existing suite of products, and additional products planned for the NewsGator Online Services platform.

NewsGator Technologies offers a portfolio of services for consumers and business. The desktop product NewsGator for Outlook is a news aggregator that runs in Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to subscribe to syndicated RSS news feeds to be delivered directly into their Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server folders. NewsGator Online Services provides content aggregation tools and services, allowing users to find the content they need and read it wherever they are, on any device. NewsGator Online Services offers numerous options for users, including the ability for users to read content from a Web browser, through a POP3 account, or on their mobile wireless device. The latest product, NewsGator Media Center Edition, allows users to view syndicated multimedia content feeds on their TV with Windows XP Media Center Edition.

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