NewsGator Announces NewsFriends

Aug 31, 2007

NewsGator Technologies Inc., an RSS company, has announced the availability of NewsFriends, a social news application for Facebook Platform where people can discover and share blogs, news, videos and podcasts and create a personalized and social news experience. NewsFriends hopes to provide a new way for people to get all their news in one place – relying on their own network of friends to choose and share engaging content without leaving their Facebook account. With this newest NewsGator application, bloggers can connect with their readers in the Facebook community, as well as expand their readership by tapping into the social graph of their current readers. With NewsFriends, people can see and subscribe to all their friends’ favorite blogs and websites, view which friend was first to subscribe to the site and can also be credited for being the first person to bring a particular site into NewsFriends.