NewsCom Upgrades Digital Content Site

May 04, 2004

NewsCom has unveiled an upgraded and redesigned version of its digital content Web site. The enhanced site is designed to offer customers improved functionality and easier navigation, in addition to a broader and deeper supply of content. NewsCom is also introducing NewsCom en Español, a version of the site designed to highlight Spanish-language content and event coverage.

NewsCom now offers photos, graphics, news text, full-length text features, and stock images. The new Web site's front page provides a preview of NewsCom's four primary content categories: Visuals--Photos, graphics, illustrations, caricatures, Web content, and paginated pages; Breaking news articles; Features--Opinion columns and full-length articles covering topics such as health, travel, and politics; and Stock photos and illustrations.

NewsCom's search capabilities, now powered by EasyAsk, Inc. have been enhanced in an effort to offer more versatility across content types. Searches can be limited to specific time periods, and relevant search links can be matched to results in other content categories, such as graphics and illustrations. The new Online Purchase History gives customers the ability to access a complete download history of their purchases within the same day, same month, or past months. NewsCom also now offers a Logout feature.

NewsCom manages, sells, and distributes digital content from 60 providers for editorial use. A joint venture of Tribune Media Services and Knight Ridder, NewsCom offers users access to photos, graphics, text, and other editorial content from providers, including Reuters, Getty, AFP, EFE, Itar Tass, Notimex, ZUMA, Tribune Media Services, Knight Ridder/Tribune, New York Times Syndicate, European Photopress Agency, and UPI.

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