News Technologies LLC Introduces TriggerNews PL Multi-Brand

Aug 17, 2004

News Technologies LLC has announced the release of a new desktop alerting system called TriggerNews PL (Private Label) Multi-Brand. This new system is designed to extend the power and functionality of its regular, single-brand TriggerNews PL product, by facilitating the hierarchical publishing and centralized systems management of all System Brands (sub-Publishers) and their respective client applications. It establishes one Master Publisher that creates, controls, and administers all individual System Brands throughout the single system.

Each separate System Brand can publish content to its own dedicated set of client applications installed by their user base. Content published by each System Brand (manually or automatically--the latter though the use of programmed scanners pointing to one or more news sources), will not go to any other System Brand's registered users. Each separate System Brand has access to their own statistical data to monitor the number of alerts viewed, alerts clicked through, client installs, uninstalls, connection/setting metrics, etc. Each may also create and manage their own categories of interest, plus other functions specific to their respective client applications.

The Master Publisher administers all system management operations and content feeds. The Master Publisher may additionally send alerts to registered end users of single, groupings of, or all System Brands defined within the system. Statistical monitoring of some or all System Brands is similarly accommodated. As with the separate System Brand paradigm, Master Publisher alerts can be broadcast both manually and automatically. The Master Publisher also creates and maintains style guide formatting, thereby enforcing corporate look and feel consistency for all enterprise-wide System Brands. Using News Technologies' TriggerEngine technology, content is distributed only when matches are made to individual end user's Category selections or Trigger word/phrase entries (unless a global broadcast alert is sent to all users regardless of their selections).

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