News Corps. The Daily to Close on Dec. 15

Dec 04, 2012

It seems that News Corp.'s foray into the world of iPad-only newspapers is coming to an end - at least for now. With a reported annual operating cost of $30 million dollars, The Daily will be closing its virtual newsroom on December 15, according to Good Ereader.

The Daily was always envisioned as a pretty traditional newspaper that was only delivered via the iPad, complete with a fairy hefty subscription fee. While the idea of a digital-only newspaper was new(ish), it seemed News Corp. was ignoring one main point: people don't read online the same way they do in print. Readers are more interested in tools like Flipboard - that aggregate information from all over the web - than they are about turning to one monolithic source of news.   

According to Good Ereader, as of July, The Daily only claimed 100,000 users.


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I've been reserving comment on The Daily - the world's first daily newspaper for tablets, brought to you by Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. - because I am having trouble truly deciding what I think about it. As a technology journalist, the concept fascinates me. The iPad was, after all, said to be the publishing industry's savior. As a reader, though, I wasn't all that interested.