New Videos Prepare Incoming Students for College Life

Oct 04, 2018

When students transition to college life, they face many challenges that extend beyond the classroom – including time management, stress management, career planning, changing relationships, and more. They need resources that prepare them to handle the realities of higher education.

The new Student Success video series, available through ProQuest’s Academic Video Online subscription product, was designed to meet this demand. Based on the Cognella Series on Student Success, a collection of books from academic publisher Cognella, Student Success videos offer practical, research-based advice to help college students.

The Student Success series includes the following 20-minute films:

  • A Student’s Guide to Stress Management

  • A Student's Guide to College Life and Changing Relationships

  • A Student’s Guide to a Meaningful Career

  • A Student’s Guide to College Transition

  • A Student’s Guide to Communication and Self-Presentation

  • A Student’s Guide to Exercise for Improving Health

  • A Student’s Guide to Math Success

In addition to the new Student Success series, Academic Video Online includes more than 64,000 titles spanning a wide range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music and more.

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