New Research Studies Correlation Between Email Marketing Tactics, Program Effectiveness, and Revenue Growth

Jun 21, 2018

In partnership with global research firm Demand Metric, email solutions provider Return Path released a new research report, The State of Email Marketing. With this new report, Demand Metric and Return Path sought to determine what separates high performing email marketing programs from the rest of the pack.

Research findings highlight the interplay of various aspects of email marketing, such as the presence (or absence) of specific marketing objectives, performance in critical metrics like average open and click rates, and the use of various email marketing technologies. The study also features insights into how these factors contribute to email marketing effectiveness and revenue growth.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Marketing challenges are nearly universal. Only 6% of survey participants report that they are not experiencing any email marketing challenges.
  • Goal setting corresponds to marketing success. Study participants who reported improving email marketing effectiveness were five times more likely to have specific email marketing objectives in place.
  • Knowing your audience is critical. The most successful marketers—those with above average open rates, improving email marketing effectiveness, and revenue growth—report a far greater understanding of subscriber preferences and behaviors.
  • List acquisition practices are linked to subscriber engagement. Survey respondents with below average open rates are more than twice as likely to report having purchased email addresses for their list.
  • Competitive intelligence can factor into an organization’s overall success. Those who report an increase in revenue growth were more than twice as likely to monitor their competitors’ email marketing efforts.