Network Associates Selects Speedera

Dec 13, 2002

Network Associates, a provider of network security and availability solutions, has selected Speedera's content delivery network (CDN) in an effort to enhance its download site's performance and help support unpredictable traffic spikes that occur during major virus outbreaks.  Network Associates chose Speedera to enhance the performance and scalability of the site that provides updates to users of its McAfee Security product suites.  Speedera stood out by presenting a solution that met Network Associates' specific needs, a key one being support for file transfer protocol (FTP).  Through FTP, content such as virus data files can be delivered from Speedera's large network of edge servers to Network Associates users worldwide. Network Associates has gained access to improved business intelligence through Speedera's SpeedEye--a browser-based interface that gives direct access to log files to enable detailed performance and usage analysis. SpeedEye has helped the company analyze and verify traffic levels, error rates, and performance.

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