Netbiscuits Report Reveals Fragmentation in Mobile Devices Worldwide

Oct 06, 2011

Netbiscuits, a mobile platform for developing, publishing, and monetizing sites and apps, published its "Mobile Web Metrics Report," which found high fragmentation in smartphone operating systems, lack of support for basic HTML5 features, and a persistent long-tail of devices. The findings of the report are based on 8.5 billion page and content requests over more than 3,100 mobile devices transfer using Netbiscuits each month.

The report's findings indicate that smartphones accounted for more than half of the web access worldwide, and close to 80% of the web access in North America. While Google Android is the most prominent mobile operating system in North America, Apple's iOS is the top system worldwide. The top 10 devices in North America only supported four of the 17 basic HTML5 features; the remaining features are supported only partially or not at all. The top 2.5 devices generated 37% of all site requests, but the remaining 63% came from long tail mobile devices.