Netbiscuits Extends Mobile Rich UI Development Framework with HTML5+

Feb 15, 2011

Netbiscuits, a cloud software service for cross-platform development, publishing, and monetization of mobile sites and apps, today announces the "HTML5+" extension of its Rich UI Development Framework. A set of new rich user interface components allows Netbiscuits' developers to create the most advanced user experiences for mobile web applications using the latest in HTML5 technology.

The extended feature set enables auto-location via GPS (Location Biscuit), animated tickers (Ticker Biscuit), and more advanced image and video galleries (Gallery Biscuit). In addition, Netbiscuits' full Rich UI Framework has been expanded to develop multi-touch navigation, floating layers, swiping galleries, dynamic maps, auto-complete, and get-remote content features for mobile web applications. All rich UI features are adapted to more handsets and platforms, including Windows Phone 7.