Nest Continues to Expand with Developer Platform

Jun 24, 2014

Back in January, Nest was acquired by Google for $3.2 billion, which put an end to its plans to open its API, but now Google is looking to extend Nest's platform-perhaps to compete with Apple's HomeKit. According to Nest, it is partnering with everyone from Mercedes Benz to Whirlpool. This follows the news that Nest is buying video monitoring company Dropcam for $555 million.

The goal here is to create a more integrated set of home automation technologies that cam work together. Or as the Nest blog puts it, "What we're doing is making it possible for your Nest devices to securely interact with the things you already use every day. Things like lights, appliances, fitness bands and even cars. Because when we make connections between these different parts of your life, we can create personalized experiences that do even more to keep you comfortable and safe. And help you save energy around the house. Automatically."

The developer program opened officially on June 23.